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breath. of. the black. muse.

a ribbon around a bomb.

raw-na ex.
27 July 1980
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(Currently my main and most updated gallery)

Website: http://www.rana-x.com
Email: shoot.rana.x@gmail.com

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MM photography port #1926: http://www.modelmayhem.com/ranax
MM Fashion Design port #869347: http://www.modelmayhem.com/explorationb

tweets: http://twitter.com/rana_x


Rana X. is a photographer, obsessive road tripper, habitual tresspasser, and student of history.

obsessed with adventures!!


Freelance photog and retoucher for hire: beauty, fashion, glamour, portraiture, promotional, music, events, etc. i also make very long gowns, custom and one of a kind.


left handed. easy going. short. artsy. odd. fun. tattooed. a lazy musician. a leo. an infp, & very much into the ladies, if you are a dude i dont want to date you but we can be best friends if you can pick me up and get me in 2nd story windows of crumbling buildings.

To book a photoshoot with me please email me @shoot.rana.x@gmail.com

abandoned asylums, abandoned buildings, abstract numbers, adventure, algebra, alt models, ancient christianity, animal rights, apollo sunshine, arabic, arcturus, art history, art rock, artistic freedom, artists' books, autumn, backrubs, ballet, biology, black holes, black metal, bmezine, bookstores, canon rebels, carla kihlstedt, cats, cellos, children, chronic fatigue, chuck palahniuk, clive barker, collage, comparitive history, conspiracies, cooking, corsets, cuddling, dadaism, dali, danvers state hospital, dark art, drum machines, eastern thought, ecw, fashion design, faun fables, fetish models, figurative painting, film, folklore, foreign films, freemasonry, frida kahlo, gay rights, girls with tattoos, golden ratio, gore, graham joyce, guitars, higher education, hip hop, history of mathematics, history of religion, honesty, horror movies, horror novels, house of leaves, human rights, islam, japanese gore, john kane, joyce carol oates, judism, languages, latin, learning, left handed people, libraries, making out, mathematics, medical equipment, mental health, mexico, muses, mysticism, nazi occultism, neil gaiman, nils frykdahl, non profits, novels, number theory, occult, oil painting, opera, petticoats, phi, philosophy, photo manipulation, photographing pretty girls, photoshop, physics, pi, pianos, pin up girls, poetry, political science, polyamory, precision body arts, prime numbers, pro wrestling, quantum theory, queer studies, rana x, rasputina, reading, recording music, research, road trips, rock against rock, sacred texts, samplers, scarification, scars, secret societies, serial killers, sewing, singing, skull and bones, sleepytime gorilla museum, snail mail, songwriting, surrealism, synths, tattooing, tattoos, tea, thanos nocturnum, thift shops, thunderstorms, tna, travel, ue, urban exploration, vegan baking, vegetarianism, violas, web design, women, world religions, writing